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The difference between football and rugby


You know it’s true 😉


Call Me Maybe


It’s Thursday! One day till the weekend! Not that it matters to me much, seeing as I’m on holiday ;)… ok ok, I’ll stop rubbing it in.

Okay, so right now I’m OBSESSED with Call Me Crazy memes. Maybe even more than Texts From Dog, and that is saying something. A lot of my friends have figured this out already and have been sending me some hilarious ones! These are my top ones, in no particular order. [And yes if anyone is wondering I do actually love the song as well. But shhhh, I have a rep to maintain.]

And a friend sent me this one today….I should probably take a hint 😛

The Avengers memes


I LOVED the Avengers movie. I know many were disappointed blah blah, but I really enjoyed it. Something I’ve enjoyed almost more than the movie are the hilarious Avenger memes floating around the Interwebs. I’ve gone and found a few of my favs to share with you.

Those are 5 of my fav ones. Obviously there are many others. What are some of the best ones you’ve seen?