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I wish I was here….


I’m a summer baby. I’m not big on the whole winter thing. So while sitting here wrapped in a blanket, observing the first signs of winter in Cape Town, I’m day dreaming about warmer places…the Greek Isle’s to be specific. If someone told me I had won a trip to anywhere in the world I’d choose the Greek Islands any day. So now to make me happy during this depressing rainy weather I’ve collected some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Seriously, how could you not want to be here right now?


I want to travel- Sea Cave’s in Thailand


A good chunk of my bucket list involves places I want to visit and things I want to do in other countries one day. I love travelling! I thought it would be fun to blog about some of these places. It forces me to research them more and also motivates me to start saving that cash money!

I thought I’d start with something in Thailand seeing that seems to be the place of choice for every person and his dog these days. [Yes, I am jealous. How did you know?] One thing I’d love to do in Thailand, other than a Full Moon Party [duh!] is visit the sea caves.

Sea canoeing seems like it’s the best way to explore these caves. Phang Nga Bay are famous for their beautiful and fascinating caves. 2 James Bond films have been filmed there. How cool is that? These caves are only reachable at certain times of the day when the tide is right. You also able to snorkel here, which is a huge bonus for me. I’m a water baby. I love snorkeling. There’s not that much else I could find out so will leave you with pics. Those of you going to Thailand soon, I’d definitely add this to your to do list, it’s on mine for Thailand without a doubt.