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The difference between football and rugby


You know it’s true 😉


The best sister in the world.


This blog post is dedicated to the best sister in the world…Chelsi Kay Henry. It was so hard saying goodbye to her after spending a 3 weeks with her. I’m going to miss her more than the fully stocked fridge and mom’s home cooking. [Trust me, that’s saying something.]

Chelsi is opiniated, stubborn, funny, loving and the best friend anyone could ask for. She’s an amazing artist, great singer,  and the best dancer I know. Dancing is her passion. I think she danced before she walked. She is FOREVER dancing, even if it’s just around the house. I know some of you are thinking, “yeah you the big sister, you obviously a bit biased.” Well to prove I’m not, here’s two videos of her. The first one is a contemporary dance and the second a hip hop dance.

You see what I was saying? Also follow her on Twitter, @chelsikay_x  🙂