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Black and White Floors


I’m loving black and white floors at the moment!


My dream home house tour.


Yessss! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile now. I was away then I had no Internet then I was away again. But I’m back now! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but my latest favorite thing has been Interior Design blogs. I’m obsessed at the moment, and I’m sure my Pinterest board has 5 million and 2 pins. I thought I’d make a post of my fictitious dream house with all the pics I’ve gathered. So here it goes.


I love big houses! More rooms to decorate 🙂 Plus I have a big family so need lots of space when they come stay over.

Thomas Pheasant

Step into the powder room.

And here’s the formal living room:

The kitchen and dining room:

Entertaining area:

[obviously match the floors and walls]

If all I could take from this post was this library/ study, I’d be a very happy person [I’d change the wood to something else]:

The second living room [it’s a big house ok]:

Head upstairs to the Master Bedroom:

Complete with this awesome vanity that I can store all my make up and beauty products in [minus the ugly carpets and a different chair]:

And the joining master bedroom [How amazing is the bathtub!]:

My own attic closet ❤ [Remember I said I’d take the library if I could have one part of this house. I actually think I’d rather have the attic closet]:

The guest bedroom and bathroom:

And the back garden/pool and entertainment area:

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my dream home. Obviously there is elements of the pictures I’d do differently, the pictures are from different houses so they don’t really flow, but you get the idea.

Visit again soon 😉