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My dream home house tour.


Yessss! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile now. I was away then I had no Internet then I was away again. But I’m back now! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but my latest favorite thing has been Interior Design blogs. I’m obsessed at the moment, and I’m sure my Pinterest board has 5 million and 2 pins. I thought I’d make a post of my fictitious dream house with all the pics I’ve gathered. So here it goes.


I love big houses! More rooms to decorate 🙂 Plus I have a big family so need lots of space when they come stay over.

Thomas Pheasant

Step into the powder room.

And here’s the formal living room:

The kitchen and dining room:

Entertaining area:

[obviously match the floors and walls]

If all I could take from this post was this library/ study, I’d be a very happy person [I’d change the wood to something else]:

The second living room [it’s a big house ok]:

Head upstairs to the Master Bedroom:

Complete with this awesome vanity that I can store all my make up and beauty products in [minus the ugly carpets and a different chair]:

And the joining master bedroom [How amazing is the bathtub!]:

My own attic closet ❤ [Remember I said I’d take the library if I could have one part of this house. I actually think I’d rather have the attic closet]:

The guest bedroom and bathroom:

And the back garden/pool and entertainment area:

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my dream home. Obviously there is elements of the pictures I’d do differently, the pictures are from different houses so they don’t really flow, but you get the idea.

Visit again soon 😉


Home Cardio Workout


Yes. I’m on a mission to get fit. Sometimes though it’s so hard to get out of bed to go for that run or such a mission to get to the gym. Well today I stumbled across this Cardio workout which you can do in your bed room, or any room in your house. So now I have no excuse.

Now to print it out and stick to it. Wish me luck!

My Pet Peeves


This post is inspired by @Toritatham‘s [Check our her awsome blog here.] We all have things that annoy the hell out of us. These are some of mine:

1. The above picture explains number one on my list of pet peeves. Getting the use of  “their”, “there” and “they’re” wrong. I’m not even going to explain it. If you don’t know please go back to school.

2. People who drink directly out of the milk bottle. Oh my word, it makes me want to smack them over the head and then pour the milk on them.

3. People who sms while driving. Especially when I’m in the passenger seat. I will throw your phone out the window.

4. People who call their boyfriend or girlfriend “husband” or “wife” and list themselves as married on Facebook. Really? Really?

5. People who dig into the butter or margarine. Is that really necessary?

6. Dirty dishes piling up in the sink. [It’s starting to become obvious that I live with guys right?]

I could probably think of more nut those are things that have hugely annoyed me the past few days.

I want a Villa in Italy!


So what do all three of the above pictures have in common, other than being positively breath taking? They all Villa’s in Italy, and I want them!

I’ve always dreamed of owning a Villa in Italy. [I have many big dreams like this.] Sometimes I browse the interwebs looking for fabulous things I want to do or buy one day. Today I just had to share. Seriously, aren’t they beautiful? Can’t you just picture yourself lying by the pool, or having a candle lit dinner under the stars….*sigh*

Imagine swimming in that pool with that view. Or running around that garden. Just enjoying nature. Away from the hustle and bustle.  Spending hours under the sparkling sun. Or dancing in the rain.  *more daydreaming*

Ok ok back to reality. Hope you all had a fabulous hump day. Keep those dreams big!


I had to leave just one more pic 😉

You know you Portuguese when..


I come from a Portuguese family. My mom’s Portuguese. I grew up with my grandparents and Portuguese family around a lot, so I had a pretty traditional Portuguese upbringing. I was inspired today today to make a list of all the things that make you truly Portuguese. Coming up with these bought back so many memories of growing up and I had to share. If you Portuguese you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. Your mothers name is Maria. Or at least her middle name.

2. You have  multiple Jose’s and Joao’s in your family.

3, Your father or grandfather works in construction. Bonus if he’s a carpenter.

4. There are two stoves in your house.

5, You know exactly what Bacalhau is and you love it.

6. Wooden spoon equals discipline!

7. All the boys have the same hairstyle. Think Cristiano Ronaldo/ Quaresma.

8. At least a portion of Saturday is spent cleaning the house.

9. Someone in your family plays the accordion.

10. When you buy rolls, you buy Portuguese rolls. No questions asked.

11. You talk with your hands while on the phone…or even just in general.

12. You have a grape vine in your backyard.

13.  You drink wine with everything….I mean EVERYTHING.

14.  A match day for the Portugal soccer team is a sacred affair. Everyone puts on their shirts and watches together.

15.  Your walls are decorated with plates.

16. When your grandmother comes to your house she spends 75% of the time cleaning.

17.  People call you “Pork and Cheese” and you not offended by it.

18. You can hold more than one beer in one hand and a shot of Aniz in the other.

19. You have something with the Portuguese rooster on it somewhere in your kitchen.

20.  If you an old school Pora man you have at least 3 gold chains.

21, You’ve made wine in your garage.

22. You dip bread in gravy. Actually you eat bread with every meal.

23.  The outside of your house is painted green, yellow, blue, red, pink or it’s facebrick.

24. You’ve turned an old bathtub or tyre into a plant holder in the front or back garden.

25. You related to almost every Portuguese person you’ve met.

26. You have 50 cousins that you’ve never even heard of.

27.  You know someone with the surname De Castro, Perreira, Dos Santos and Sousa.

28. You start off your sentances with “Eh pa”.

29.  Seafood is a huge part of your diet.

30.  Your grandmother is the BEST cook in the world!

31. Every member of your family has there spot at the dinner table. This never changes.

32. Your whole family eats at the dinner table together. It’s filled with laughter and shouting and lots of eating.

33. Your room or the house has to be perfect or your mom will make you clean it again.

34.  You greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks.

35. Your family worship Figo, Ronaldo and Costa.

36. You have a big screen tv and surround sound. This was bough mainly for soccer matches.

37.  If you Portuguese you laughing because you know this is all true.

New Year. New Decisions.


Got back from Cape St Francis on Friday. Had an amazing time, can’t believe it’s all over. Was exactly what I needed! Tanning, reading magazine upon magazine, so many braais, drinking games, sun, sea, it was perfect. I feel ready to take on the New Year. Although I definitely would not have said no to another week in paradise.

This New Year I’ve been faced with a fresh batch of new decisions. A favourite thing of someone as indecisive as I am. I wish I had a magic coin or something that made the right decisions for me. I’m not sure if what I’m studying is for me. I like it but then I think of other things I’d rather do or study. I just feel very unsure. I spoke to my parents about maybe taking a gap year and travelling this year. I really expected them to say no and that would be that and I’d just continue with what I’m doing but they thought the gap year thing was a good idea.

Now you thinking, what’s the problem then? Well I feel like I’ve just settled in in Cape Town. I’m just starting to make friends and make a life for myself. Am I willing to pack that all up and go far away all alone and have to start over again to a degree? I’m not normally one scared of things like this. I love adventure but I have a nagging feeling this might not be the best idea. But what then? I feel like I’m at a crossroads and I truly have no idea in which direction to go.

That all said here’s hoping it’s a good year, no matter which decision I go for. Hope it’s a good year for all you lovely people too.

All things pretty and yummy


I’m in a particularly girly mood tonight. Those who know me know my obsession with Fashion, Makeup, Baking and Interior Design. So I thought I’d do another post of the things I’m loving right now.  Boys, I promise a sports heavy post sometime soon 😉

These are all things I’ve found online. Being an insomniac means many hours browsing all sorts of fashion and design sites. I need a place to put some of my favs other than repinning them on Pinterest.

Happy looking 🙂


M A K E  U P


I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N