Text’s From Dog


Text’s From Dog is by far one of my favorite Internet memes at the moment. I have collected some of my personal best to share. Putting together this post has left me with tears of laughter…and that’s never a bad thing for a Monday. If these don’t leave you smiling at least, you really have no soul.

And this one is my fav….Literally laughter tears down my face people! :

Hope you having an awesome Monday kids, and if not that Dog cheered you up 😉



About teganashley

Communication Science Student. Dancing my way through life. Lover of tequila, candy floss and the ocean. A gypsy at heart. Proudly South African and passionate about life. Got more dreams than I can count. In the words of Albert Einstein, I have no talents, I'm just passionately curious. Live by the words...It's not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years. "No one looks back on their lives and remember the nights they got plenty of sleep."

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