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Home Cardio Workout


Yes. I’m on a mission to get fit. Sometimes though it’s so hard to get out of bed to go for that run or such a mission to get to the gym. Well today I stumbled across this Cardio workout which you can do in your bed room, or any room in your house. So now I have no excuse.

Now to print it out and stick to it. Wish me luck!


I wish I was here….


I’m a summer baby. I’m not big on the whole winter thing. So while sitting here wrapped in a blanket, observing the first signs of winter in Cape Town, I’m day dreaming about warmer places…the Greek Isle’s to be specific. If someone told me I had won a trip to anywhere in the world I’d choose the Greek Islands any day. So now to make me happy during this depressing rainy weather I’ve collected some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Seriously, how could you not want to be here right now?

Another lust list


Because I’m always lusting over beauty products, here is another lust list.


I needed a concealer the other day and borrowed a friends. I found that it really worked well covering blemishes and dark circles under my eyes, which I seem to always have. [blame the insomnia]


Frutique Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Gel is a gentle exfoliator powered by papaya fruit enzymes that polish away dead skin cells and deep cleanse the skin. It also stimulates cell regeneration for fresher and younger looking skin.


Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger includes notes of neroli, orange blossom, white jasmine, Indian tuberose, white rose, cumin, wood and musk. . It really is a bold scent. It’s a lot more “grown up” than the usual fragrances I go for but I’ve noticed my style is leaning towards a more grown up feel lately.


The foundation itself is a foundation AND serum.  A serum helps nourish and hydrate the skin.   The Covergirl website says : “COVERGIRL & Olay combine foundation and hydrating serum to cover fine lines and wrinkles and helps hydrate to improve skin tone over time.”


Passion Dance is oriental-floral fragrance for women introduced in 2003. It features notes of grapefruit, melon, lotus, jasmine, narcissus, rose, amber, moss and patchouli. The bottle is red, passionate, in line with the name.


This delicate perfume is in harmony with the citrus honey note, which can be scented from the top all the way to the bottom notes. The perfume opens with fresh citrus notes – mandarin and bergamot as one fragrant composition, while the other one gives out the shine of white flowers – magnolia, ylang-ylang, and sambac jasmine. The sensuality comes later with vanilla, benzoin, and musk, which leave magical intimate trace.

That concludes my lust list for now. There should be another one soon eonough


Style Spotter: Leather is in!


When you think leather, you think biker chick and chains, well at least that’s the image I get. This season leather is much more feminine and girly. In fact, it’s super stylish.

Even celebrities are rocking the leather look. Transform your winter wardrobe from comfy to cool with just a leather sleeve like Zoe Saldana and Olivia Palermo. Whether it’s liquid leather peeking out of a classic belted trench coat or a sleek leather sleeve attached to a plush fur vest it will super style your winter look.

The leather dress also seems to be a big Hollywood trend with celebs such as Kate Moss, Rihanna and Nicole Ritchie being spotted in them.

Leather jackets are also a big look with celebs. Jennifer Lopez shows us how a simple leather jacket can spice up any outfit.

Wearing leather can be intimidating. Like I mentioned in the beginning you don’t want to end up looking like a macho biker chick. The trick is not to go full leather. Mix the leather with softer fabrics. It will give it a more feminine feel. Leather shorts or pants and opaque shirts is a seriously hot look this fall. If you still a bit nervous to wear leather then just add a leather bag to spice up any outfit. You don’t only need to stick to black leather. Coloured leather garments are also seriously in.

Why we should acknowledge Human Rights Day


For most of us a public holiday is an excuse to party hard the night before and spend the next day either recovering or chilling with friends and family, depending how rough the night before was. It pretty much happens that way for me. Tomorrow in South Africa is Human Rights day. It’s a pretty important one and one all South Africans should actually know a thing or two about, especially if we want to move forward as a country. Something I feel passionately about.

This year marks 52 years since 69 unarmed protesters were killed by police in Sharpeville, Johannesburg. Human Rights day commemorates this day, which became known as the Sharpville Massacre. It honors the lives that were sacrificed that day and the lives that were lost in South Africa’s fight for democracy.

Human Rights day gives us an opportunity, as South Africans, to look back and reflect on the progress that has been made in ensuring the rights of all South Africans.  52 years ago, on 21 March 1960, in Sharpeville, not far out of Johannesburg, thousands were protesting against the pass law, a law which under the apartheid regime forced all black South Africans to carry a pass book, also known as a “dompas”. In this way the apartheid government was able to control the movement of all black people.

The Pan African Congress (PAC) organized national protests against these pass laws during 1960. On March 21, black South Africans were told to gather outside police stations without their pass books, thus offering themselves up for arrest. Sharpeville was not the only area that was affected by deaths during this protest. In Langa Township, Cape Town, 2 people were killed and 49 injured by the police.

In Sharpeville, 69 people were killed and more than 300 injured. The police said they opened fire because the protesters got violent, throwing stones at them, but the evidence showed that people were shot in the back thus showing that the police obviously shot at protesters fleeing the scene. 30 years later, during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission it was found that the police did indeed deliberately fire at an unarmed crowd.

The protests led by the PAC eventually led the apartheid government to call a state of emergency. This was done on March 30 1960. Then on April 8, they banned the PAC and the ANC. During this time Nelson Mandela and the other 29 that were co-accused in the Treason Trial were still on trial. In his autobiography, A Long Walk To Freedom, Mandela recalled, “The massacre at Sharpeville created a new situation in the country.”

After South Africa finally achieved democracy in 1994, March 21 was declared a public holiday known as Human Rights Day.

 President Mandela, in a statement on Human Rights Day, said: “21 March is South African Human Rights Day. It is a day which, more than many others, captures the essence of the struggle of the South African people and the soul of our non-racial democracy. March 21 is the day on which we remember and sing praises to those who perished in the name of democracy and human dignity. It is also a day on which we reflect and assess the progress we are making in enshrining basic human rights and values.” On December 10, 1996, the South African Constitution was signed at Sharpeville by Nelson Mandela and came into effect on February 4, 1997. South Africans of all races could now enjoy the same human rights after years of struggle. This is something that should be commemorated.

So enjoy your day off tomorrow but also spare a thought for how far we have come as a country and also how far we still need to go.