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What NOT to do on a date.


well obviously!

We’ve all experienced a bad date. Well most of us. If you haven’t you really lucky. I rate for the most part it comes down to nerves. I can tell you now from personal experience I’m usually a bundle of nerves. When I’m nervous I tend to babble away aimlessly. I’m pretty sure it’s like watching a train wreck. I am a pro at the classic, Me: “How you?” Him: “Good thanks and you?” Me: “I’m good thanks and you?”. See what happened there? Blind! Not all is lost though, but there are some rules you definitely have to stick to to even be considered worthy of a second date, babbling mess and all. [I’ve made it to second dates so it’s possible 😉 ]

Be on time. There’s nothing worse than being there on time then having to wait..and wait..and wait. It’s damn awkward!

Do not eat or talk with your mouth full. Did your mother not teach you any manners? Boys [and girls too], I cannot stress enough how much good manners goes along way.

Don’t talk about your ex. Really? Really? Get a best friend for that shit. If you don’t have one, get a therapist.

Don’t lie! If this date goes further, it’s bound to come out. What’s the point of impressing the other person then. Silly really.

Don’t bring your bff, big brother or mommy with. You not three year’s old.  You don’t need your hand held. If you do, sweety, you not even nearly ready to date. [Yes, I’ve actually heard of this happening.]

Act interested in the other person. Actually, don’t act, BE interested in the other person. Don’t make it all about you. Keep it 50/50. Anyways you wanna keep some mystery don’t you?

Put BBM off. Put Whatsapp off. Put Facebook off. Put Twitter off. You get my point? It’s just plain rude.

Follow these simple instructions and you may just be able to pass the nervous mess off as cute. 😉


Why Do Girls Play Hard To Get?


“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” We’ve all heard the saying. In the game men are taught to chase and women to be chased.

Let’s face it, the dating game is fun, as annoying as it can be. Imagine if every girl you approached said yes to dating you, it would get a bit boring after awhile. There’s different reasons women play hard to get, and with no further ado, here we go…

You meet a girl at the bar. She’s with her friends but she keeps glancing your way. You approach with your killer smile, and swag that has never failed you but she clearly does not seem interested. Yeah so she was glancing at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wanted you to approach her. Sometimes girls just want to look and know we being checked out back. That’s all. We weird like that. Don’t be offended, at least you know she thought you were cute. 😉

Maybe you managed to get her number. Half the battle won there buddy. Now you need to call. You gather up the courage and get smacked with the dreaded voice mail. You leave her a nice, normal message with your name and number. Key words here, “nice and normal”. A day or two passes and she doesn’t call back. You try again, this time getting through. She apologizes saying she was super busy. Should the alarm bells be going off? Why didn’t she call you straight away? Answers simple. She doesn’t want to seem too eager or too available. She want’s to act all calm and chilled even if her heart skips a beat at the sight of your call. Lets just be honest, if she was readily available all the time, constantly called you and slept with you after the first night you’d lose interest pretty quickly. But if she puts up a bit of a challenge, doesn’t say yes to every date and keeps you guessing, you stay interested. I’m right. Don’t argue.

What if she keeps constantly making excuses not to see you. She’s busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Heck, she’s busy the next week straight. Some of the excuses are a tiny bit lame as well. “I need to bake cupcakes for my best friend.” You give up, telling her when she’s free to give you a call. You know for sure she has your number but you still don’t hear from her.  Buddy, she’s just not that into you. If she was interested, she would at least give you a decent apology and call to say hi and promise that she’ll get together as soon as she can.

Or you on a date with the girl. Date means you in the game. High five! Everything is going great. Good conversation. There’s chemistry. You feeling pretty good about yourself, so at the end of the night you decide to go in for the kiss. She pulls away shyly and leaves, leaving you thinking, WTF?! One big reason many girls play hard to get is because they don’t really trust men. Maybe they’ve been hurt in the past, they know  how their guy friends boast about their sexual conquests or whatever reason. They just want to make sure the guy is not looking to solely get into her pants. Basically she’s protecting herself from getting hurt.  So if she’s playing hard to get, there’s a good chance she’s just testing the waters. It’s not that she isn’t interested.

You’ve reached the relationship stage. She’s still got a bit of a wall up though. In general men are less likely to commit but when they do, they usually surer about it than us girls. This is because women tend to over analyze and question a lot more things than men do therefore creating more doubt in their minds.

Playing hard to get comes with dating. You going to be hard pressed to find a women who doesn’t play hard to get. Don’t get discouraged every time you turned down, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not into you. Now that you know why women play hard to get, it’s easier to distinguish which ones are worth the chase and which ones are not. Happy chasing boys 😉

Is She Playing Hard To Get?…


….Or is she just not that into you?

Us women are creatures of many talents. Even the romantically challenged ones know how to flirt for a drink at the bar and dress up so that at least some member of the male species will notice them. It’s an art that some are better at, but for the most part, all ladies can pull it off. With our flirting abilites comes the ability to keep a guy guessing, “Is she into me or not?”

Is she playing hard to get or is she hard to get? How do you know? Here’s the scenario. There’s a girl. You guys are friends or maybe you’ve gone on a date or two. Point is you’ve hang out enough to make you wonder if there possibly is anything. She laughs at all your jokes, replies to your messages. All good signs. Lets step it up a notch. You watching movies, she lets you cuddle but as soon as you go in for the kill, she stops you. Hell she might even add in a coy little smile, leaving you thinking “What the hell?!”

The ones who are playing hard to get, they the ones who actually do want you. They are a million reasons girls play hard to get, that’s a whole other topic. What you need to learn to do is distinguish from the girls PLAYING hard to get and the ones that are just PLAYERS.

Does she only call you when she’s drunk? Girls tend to get drunk quicker than guys. We all know with being drunk we sometimes feel lonely. If she calls you once when she’s drunk it’s safe to say she probably does like you, but if it’s a frequent occurrence, then she’s just coming to you just because you available.

Does she complain about other guys to you? Letting a girl cry on your shoulder is the number one way you going to be friend zoned. If you think she’s going to realize all other guys are jerks and she’s going to fall in love with you and you going to live happily ever after, you need a reality check. That only happens in movies.

Does she let you pay for everything? If you just friends, bills should be split or she should at least offer. If the girl is leading you on however, she’s going to let you pay for everything all the time, because she’s using you. Letting you pay makes you think you in a dating dynamic, except without the dating benefits. So let her pay her half and see if she sticks around.

Does she refuse to let you hang out wit h her group of friends? If you been hanging with her for awhile and you still haven’t met any of her friends, she’s probably not that into you. Friends are important to a girl and girls like to show off their men so this should be a big warning sign.

If she’s playing hard to get but not doing any of the above, then she probably is into you. Just give it time. Convince her you are into her. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Friendships with Ex’s.


I’ve often wondered how I can be such good friends with some of my ex’s, yet I don’t ever wanna see the faces of some others ever again. It’s hard to be friends with an ex, and it’s definitely not something that can happen straight away. If you do manage to be friends, their may always be jealousy issues even though neither of you will ever admit it.
Looking back on ex’s and seeing which ones I’m still friends with and which ones I’m not I noticed one thing all the ones I can’t ever be friends with again had in common…We were friends before we started dating. No matter how much promising to each other that if it does’t work out you’ll be friends, the friendship will never be the same again. This hurts way more. I made the rookie error of falling for my best friend and us giving it a try. It kills me that today we don’t talk anymore. We have no part in each others lives. This hurts because you look back and think, this was the guy who helped me through so much before we even started dating, who you shared personal jokes with, who you could just be yourself with. And now…nothing. Sometimes I think if we were such good friends then couldn’t we just both suck it up and be friends again. Maybe I wasn’t that important to him? Maybe we both just not willing to try in case it doesn’t work? I guess they all questions that will never really be answered.

You can’t ever be friends if one of you still have feelings for the other. The ones I’m still friends are the ones that if I saw him with another girl, my heart wouldn’t skip a beat. I’d be truly happy for them. Actually I’d stuff up the girl if they ever hurt him. If it’s going to kill to see him or her moved on, then the best is to cut off the friendship for your own sake.

The proverbial dating game doesn’t end when you break up. It’s still a game after. Is it too soon to be friends? Can we be friends? Does he only want to be friends for an occasional hook up? As many questions go through your head as when you started dating. No two relationships are the same, so it’s up to you to evaluate whether a friendship is possible. I firmly believe that if I think there is the smallest chance we can be friends, I’ll put in the effort. You have nothing more to lose and everything to gain.

The best sister in the world.


This blog post is dedicated to the best sister in the world…Chelsi Kay Henry. It was so hard saying goodbye to her after spending a 3 weeks with her. I’m going to miss her more than the fully stocked fridge and mom’s home cooking. [Trust me, that’s saying something.]

Chelsi is opiniated, stubborn, funny, loving and the best friend anyone could ask for. She’s an amazing artist, great singer,  and the best dancer I know. Dancing is her passion. I think she danced before she walked. She is FOREVER dancing, even if it’s just around the house. I know some of you are thinking, “yeah you the big sister, you obviously a bit biased.” Well to prove I’m not, here’s two videos of her. The first one is a contemporary dance and the second a hip hop dance.

You see what I was saying? Also follow her on Twitter, @chelsikay_x  🙂

I want to travel- Sea Cave’s in Thailand


A good chunk of my bucket list involves places I want to visit and things I want to do in other countries one day. I love travelling! I thought it would be fun to blog about some of these places. It forces me to research them more and also motivates me to start saving that cash money!

I thought I’d start with something in Thailand seeing that seems to be the place of choice for every person and his dog these days. [Yes, I am jealous. How did you know?] One thing I’d love to do in Thailand, other than a Full Moon Party [duh!] is visit the sea caves.

Sea canoeing seems like it’s the best way to explore these caves. Phang Nga Bay are famous for their beautiful and fascinating caves. 2 James Bond films have been filmed there. How cool is that? These caves are only reachable at certain times of the day when the tide is right. You also able to snorkel here, which is a huge bonus for me. I’m a water baby. I love snorkeling. There’s not that much else I could find out so will leave you with pics. Those of you going to Thailand soon, I’d definitely add this to your to do list, it’s on mine for Thailand without a doubt.


Angela Lindvall- model of the moment


I started the model of the moment posts awhile back but haven’t really been keeping up with it. But it’s a new year so let’s try again.

Angela Lindvall is a 32 year old model from America.  This blonde haired, blue eyed beauty was scouted at a local fashion show when she was 14 and signed with IMG. Since then she has appeared on the covers of Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue among others. She’s walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and modeled for Fendi, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Versace, Gap, Jimmy Choo and DKNY. She is set to be the host of the new fashion reality series “Project Runway: All Stars”, an extension of the popular series “Project Runway. So keep your eye out for her there.