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Being Nice….The bare basics.


It boggles my mind how some people lack all social skills. It’s not that hard to get along with people. It’s not rocket science. Yes, we can’t please everybody and not everyone in life is going to like us but overall you can be a likeable person. This post is a little reminder of social do’s and don’ts. To me they pretty much common sense but obviously common sense is not so common nowadays.

Don’t be so sensitive. People are going to joke around with you and take the piss it’s up to you whether you are going to be offended by what they say or not. Yes, there is a line that people can cross but for the most part I promise you they joking around. Are you someone who loses their temper quickly? Count to ten next time. If you constantly lose your temper people are going to start drawing away from you. Nobody wants to hang out with somebody like that. Even if you just look angry, people won’t want to approach you. Here’s a biggie: Don’t be annoying! There are numerous ways people can be annoying and different people find different things annoying so this can be a hard one to put into practice. If you see someone having a bad day though and they want some space, give them that. If someone tells you that something you do is annoying then work on changing it. Don’t gossip. If I’m hanging out with you and all you doing is talking about other people, then I’m going to wonder what you say about me when I’m not around. Don’t be arrogant. No one likes an arrogant jerk. There’s absolutely no reason in the world to be arrogant. It just makes you look stupid, not the people you looking down on.

When you out and about, greet people. I’m always amazed how some people don’t greet others when they arrive at a social event. It’s just plain rude in my books. Smile when you greet people. It’s not going to kill you I promise and it also makes you more approachable. Share your things. Sounds a bit preschool but it’s not. If you taking a gum out your bag, offer to those around you. Offer your chips. Anything. It just gives off a generous, nice person vibe. Simple things like holding the door open for someone also goes a long way. Last but not least, respect others. Everyone is different. Embrace this. Learn from others. Prejudice is so 1985. If you respect others, others will respect you. It’s a two-way street.


All things pretty and yummy


I’m in a particularly girly mood tonight. Those who know me know my obsession with Fashion, Makeup, Baking and Interior Design. So I thought I’d do another post of the things I’m loving right now.  Boys, I promise a sports heavy post sometime soon 😉

These are all things I’ve found online. Being an insomniac means many hours browsing all sorts of fashion and design sites. I need a place to put some of my favs other than repinning them on Pinterest.

Happy looking 🙂


M A K E  U P


I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N


More of my life lessons.


Night time. This is my reflection time. The time I make plans and do my dreaming. I seem to have all my energy at night. This can be annoying at times but oh well. This isn’t the point of my blog post at all tonight. Recently I’ve been thinking about how much my life has changed this year. In every possible way. I had a best friend then. I use the words best friend loosely. To call it a toxic friendship is being nice. We were opposites in every single possible way. Looking back I’m not even sure how we became friends.

She was a drama queen in every single way. A manipulator and stirrer, always needing to get her own way. Being the best friend of someone like this is taxing to say the least. I sucked it up for a long time for the sake of peace. Plus, at the time, I did really view her as my best friend. We did have some awesome times together but after honest reflection, it was a very superficial friendship. Eventually I just had enough. I was sick of the manipulating. Of being controlled and doing everything she wanted. It killed my already low self esteem. I slowly started backing away. She noticed this and started with her rumors. It hurt because I had done so much for her. I deleted her off everything, and slowly started moving on with my life. She stayed friends with our mutual friends so I was alone for awhile. It sucked. Weekends come and went with me hanging out with only my sister. I felt really alone. Recently single and no more best friend. But every cloud has a silver lining and I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I realized who my true friends are. Got kicked out my comfort zone. Decided to move cities. Made new friends. A new best friend, and realized that the sucky times in life do make a person stronger.

I don’t hate her. I will still be civil. I won’t talk badly about her and I won’t tell anyone not to be her friend. I don’t regret being her friend. I learnt a lot from it and did have some amazing times. It was a chapter in my life I’m grateful for. Now I’m ready to continue writing more chapters with new characters. Keeping it interesting always.

How to Prevent a Hangover


A lot of my friends have asked me why I seldom get hangovers. Obviously they’ve partied with me and realise it’s not because of my lack of drinking because trust me I can drink with the best of them. I tell people it’s a gift, but I’ll be honest, I’m not a ninja, there are a few rules I follow, and when I break them then I do suffer badly the next day. I’ve decided to be nice and share them with the world because let’s face it there’s not many things that feel worse than a hangover.

Firstly, know your limits! The rough rule is you able to drink a 10th of your weight. So if you 50kg thats 5 drinks, and 75kg, 7.5 drinks. Easy enough? This is because the reason you get hangovers is it’s the bodies way of clearing the alcohol toxins out your system. So the more alcohol you consume, the more intense the hangover. For me though, I don’t weigh that much and the small amount of drinks I’m allowed is just not cool so I’ve had to become a bit more creative.

Stick with one type of alcohol. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a Hangover Cocktail which is pretty much like a Molotov Cocktail to your body. Not fun! This becomes hard though when shots are involved, so I try to stick with one type of drink and one type of shot. A night of Tequila, Patron, Caramel Vodka and Jagerbombs will leave you wishing alcohol was never invented. Trust me, I know this from experience.

Get to know what drinks affect you. After a few chats with friends, I’ve realised these tend to differ from person to person. For me, white wine, brandy and cane are like Kryptonite, yet I can pretty much drink Vodka like juice. I know people who can’t touch Vodka though.

Next, stay hydrated! This is huge. I always make sure I have a glass of water between drinks. This is especially crucial at outdoor parties. This trick works like magic. I’ve done Ox Braai [a party in the Eastern Cape] two years now where that was my big rule and while all my friends were practically dying the next day, I was fine, and I had my fair share of alcohol! Also have a glass of water before you go to bed and if you feel it was a heavy night, throw in a Panado with that.

Some people say drink milk before partying [I’m a bit iffy on this one] and have a big meal. I tend to not agree so much. Definitely eat before but milk and a big meal, mixed with a night out tends to make me feel nauseous.

These are the tips I follow, and that work for me. I’ve only had about 4 hangovers in my life and I go out pretty much every weekend, so I pretty much swear by them…for me. Try them out. If they work for you, that’s awesome. If they don’t, I’m sorry. 😉

Vote For Table Mountain


By now all of you should know that Table Mountain is in the running to become on of the new 7 Wonders of Nature. If not, have you been living under a rock?? There’s 5 days left to go and Table Mountain isn’t even in the Top 10!!! Say what? I know, ridiculous right? So it’s time to come together as South Africans and make sure that Table Mountain doesn’t lose out on something it really does deserve. It’s not hard to vote. There’s options so no one has an excuse not to vote. Vote online here. [Tip: Don’t go vote for the Grand Canyon who obviously have 5 million hundred votes from all the Americans, vote for the ones you’ve never heard of.] Once you’ve done that vote via SMS as many times as you can. SMS Table to 34874. If you have MXIT you can vote there also. You can vote a million times if you want. You can vote via Facebook here. Join the Vote for Table Mountain facebook page, it won’t count towards votes but it’ll get the message out there.

How badly would it suck if in 5 days when the results are released, Table Mountain is not in the top 7. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen. So get voting South Africans. We can do this 🙂

Love Cleanse Day 22-31. The Results


Yes yes I realise I’ve been MIA the past week or so. Pneumonia does that to you. But I’m baaaack. 🙂

So I did the 30 Day Love Cleanse this past month. I’m not gonna lie I did cheat a bit. I did flirt a whole lot. It comes naturally to me, like breathing, but I was strict on the physical part. I haven’t kissed a guy in a more than a month! So boys start forming a line coz I need to get my mack on.

Jokes aside, I actually learnt quiet a bit during the time. I figured out where my weaknesses are, and have made plans to improve on them. I’ve reaffirmed that I’m not looking for a relationship right now but I’m now I’m going to be more open minded to the idea because I know I’ve last my chance with a couple of good guys because I’m so stubborn and so convinced all men are bad guys, wanting to rip my heart out and jump on it repeatedly. My biggest thing though was finally  burning the pictures and getting rid of all the things I had of my ex. I also sat down and had a heart to heart with my best friend and told her all about how I wasn’t over him. I’m not big on talking about my emotions to anyone really. I’m so glad I did though, I feel like I finally have closure. That, and the fact that he has a new girlfriend. I won’t let my inner bitch comment any further on that.

I’m 20. I don’t want to be tied down by anyone right now. I don’t want the constant maintenance of a relationship. I want to have fun, meet lots of new people and do my thing. I have more than enough time later to find a guy and settle down, and by then I would hopefully have the life experience to make a good choice. So cheers to single life. To being young. To focusing on my future career, my friends and family, and the occasional “friend with benefits” .