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Technology doesn’t have to hinder our relationships


We live in the Age of Technology. There is no doubt about it. Just about everyone has some sort of smartphone. All of us have some form of computer access. iPads and the like are popular. We can do just about anything online. But how has this affected our relationships? How has this affected dating and finding love?

Gone are the days of a guy asking you for your number. Remember the days you spoke on your home phone to a boy you liked. Running to the home phone every time it rang just incase it was him. Now you give a guy your cell number and get a whatsapp message asking for your BBM pin where after awhile you become Facebook friends. Now not only are we worried about when to message him or what to message him but also which medium is the most appropriate.

Social Networking can be positive though. It allows you to make contact with past friends and now you have the potential to rekindle friendships. Twitter is a great way to meet like minded people and make friends. It’s also fun AND informative. I’m definitely more clued up in whats happening in the world since joining. Guys don’t like dumb girls, being informed about things is actually a turn on for both sexes.

So you have facebook and/or twitter. What happens when the opposite sex starts flirting. It could start with @ messages to DM’s, move on to BBM, now what? Do you meet up? Do you remain online friends? It’s a pretty tricky grey area. I’ve met some people I’ve made friends with on Twitter, most of them are great. I’ve made one or two close friends even. But there is always that risk that a person is completely different in real life than online. Or you may just not “click”. Then there’s the OMG YOUR PROFILE PICTURE IS SO PHOTOSHOPPED situation. Luckily haven’t experienced that one yet *knocks on wood*.

I think there 3 rules to remember when meeting online friends.

1. Be safe. Always meet in a public place. Maybe do some background research. [P.S Facebook stalking is SO allowed. It’s not our fault they made there FB profile public]. I personally only meet ones that I know have friends in common. That way I know they not psycho killers.

2. If you meeting someone of the opposite sex who you may have a crush on, don’t go expecting much. Rather expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised. He might have totally different expectations. You might be thinking possible relationship and him possible friendship and visa versa. Keep it casual. Have fun. Just go with the flow.

3. Be yourself. Be real. Online and offline. You’d be disappointed and ticked off if a guy posted a pic of a ripped model with a six pack and he really was a scrawny ginger, so don’t post a picture of an FHM model if you not. Don’t pretend you the worlds biggest Manchester United supporter because that’s his team and you don’t even know who Wayne Rooney is.

In this day and age I think it’s only normal to be open to this new thing of meeting people online. I started off very against it but I’m so glad  I decided to be open minded because like I said I’ve met some awesome people and formed some amazing friendship. So if you haven’t yet, step out of your comfort zone and get out there and make friends.


Maryna Linchuk-model of the moment


One of my big interests is fashion and the modelling world. I’d have loved to be a fashion designer if I was better at drawing. So I thought every now and again I’d do a post based on a model. Eye candy for the boys and fashion for the girls. Fun fun.

First up Maryna Linchuk. She’s a model from Belarus. With her blue eyes and dark blonde hair she’s definitely a stunner.

She’s done advertisements for Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Mulberry and Versace, among others. She’s appeared on the covers of the Portuguese, German, Russian and Turkish Vogues. She was also part of the Victoria’s secret fashion shows in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Pretty yeah. I also wanna be on the cover of Vogue *sigh*

Should terminally ill patients have the right to be assisted in taking their own lives?


This is an essay I had to right for college. I wasn’t sure what side to take a stance on when I first started. I posed the question on Twitter and was surprised to see how many were for the right to assisted suicide. I decided to play devils advocate and explore the negative sides to assisted suicide. Here’s my completed essay.


In this essay, I’m going to attempt to answer the question “Should terminally ill patients have the right to be assisted in taking their own lives?” I’m going to do this by giving a definition of assisted suicide and providing examples of cases. Then, I will state why I believe that terminally ill patients should not be allowed to take their lives.

Assisted suicide is a term used for the action of helping a person to voluntarily bring about their own death. The medical definition, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a suicide by an individual facilitated by means or information {as a gun or indication of the lethal dosage of a drug) provided by someone else aware of the individual’s intent.”

In April 2001, the Netherlands became the first nation to formally legalise assisted suicide. The Dutch Senate approved the so-called mercy killing bill by a vote of 46 to 28. The legislation allows physicians to help end the lives of patients who are terminally ill or facing unremitting and unbearable “suffering.” Dutch lawmakers require that these patients meet the following strict guidelines: The patient’s request must be voluntary. The patient and doctor must agree that there is no reasonable alternative solution that is acceptable to the patient. At least one independent doctor must examine the patient. And the euthanasia must be performed in a medically acceptable manner. [Ireland, I; 2001] A man in Australia’s Northern Territory became the first person to die under a new state law permitting doctor-assisted suicide. The man was in his 60’s and was suffering from prostate cancer that was considered terminal. “This is the first time ever a man has legally ended his life,” said Dr. Philip Nitschke, the physician who administered a lethal dose of barbiturates to the man. “The man was hooked up to a machine that allowed him to start the process of his own death by pressing a key on a bedside laptop computer,” Nitschke explained.

The new law, however, has faced bitter opposition. The national parliament is considering legislation to override the law, and the law is being challenged in court by some doctors and churches. [Humphrey, D; 2005]

That said, I still don’t believe in the right to assisted suicide. Performing an assisted suicide would be violating the Hippocratic Oath doctors take on receiving their medical degree. In this oath, a doctor states, among other things, “First, do no harm”. Performing an assisted suicide would be a violation of this oath. This oath was created so that patients would be assured that the doctors only had their best interests at heart. A weakening of the oath would lead to a weakening of this assurance. [Markel, H; 2004]

Assisted suicide also demeans the value of human life. [Levin, M; 2002] To kill a life just because it’s not convenient or it’s expensive demeans that value. Human life is much more than just a cluster of biological cells.

Giving patients the right to assistance in the taking of their own lives could open the floodgates to non-critical patient suicides and other abuses. For example, patients who want to die for psychological or emotional reasons may be able to convince doctors to assist them in ending their own lives.

Doctors and families may be driven to give up on recovery much too early. For example, if a patient is told that he has six months left to live with progressively worse pain, he may decide to end things before they start to get worse. This lessens valuable time that can be spent with family and friends; it also denies the small chance of a recovery or the possibility of discovering a doctor error.

Government and medical aid companies may put pressure on doctors to recommend the assisted-suicide procedure. Medical Aid insurance providers are under pressure to keep premiums down. To do this, they must cut costs at every turn and make tough decisions. Many doctors are already prevented from giving patients certain tests or performing certain operations despite what the doctor believes is truly necessary. Legalising assisted suicide would likely invite another set of procedures as to when life-sustaining measures should be undertaken.

We need to remember that medical advances are being made and no human has the right to choose to take a life. It is unethical on any medical practitioner’s part. For these reasons, I’d have to conclude that I do not think that terminally ill patients should have the right to be assisted in taking their own lives.

Girls Guide to Rugby


It’s exactly 2 weeks till the kick off of the Rugby World Cup so girls here’s a few tips to survive the coming weeks.

The men in your life are going to be taking over the TV, and 90% of conversation will be about it. So unless you want you end up beer girl for the next six weeks, why don’t you get involved. It can actually be quite fun to watch.

If you watch just for the Italian rugby team you entirely forgiven 😉

Here’s some basic rules and facts you should know to make it a bit more interesting and so that you not completely clueless. It can’t be that hard if our male counterparts understand it with ease 😉

Rugby is played all over the world but mainly in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Each team has 15 players. A game is 80 minutes which is split into two halves consisting of 40 minutes each.

Players are numbered 1-15 depending on the position they playing. Players 1-8 are collectively known as the Forwards. 9-15 are the Backs. So far easy enough yeah?

The forwards are usually the big, butch players you see. The backs are generally lighter and more quick. Little tip, if you looking for a rugby player boyfriend focus on players 9-15. They generally cuter, and get a lot less smashed up.

Dan Carter [a back]… Hot! VS CJ vd Linde [a smashed up forward]… Not!

Ok. Time to get a bit more technical. The job of the forwards is too make sure their team keeps possession of the ball and to drive it forward. The lighter, quicker [cuter!] backs backup the forwards and try to outwit the other team with their runs, sidesteps, passes and tactical kicks. You see the backs need some brains too. Backs=boyfriend material. Remember this when trying to remember the jobs of forwards and backs.

Rugby is basically made up of kicking and passing the ball. Big rule: The ball may not be passed forward. Only backwards. [You see the theme of backwards being positive in rugby going on here]. Top tip: When a ball gets passed forward its called a knock on. When you see this happen, exclaim “That was a knock on!”, it’ll be sure to impress your man, or any boys you watching with. A knock on will result in a penalty [Providing it isn’t Stuart Dickinson reffing against the Boks].

Stuart DICKinson…..all you need to know about this guy is we don’t like him. At all.

Obviously the aim of the game is too score points. Duh moment! These points are achieved by scoring tries. [the rugby word for goals].  On each side of the field you’ll see poles in the shape of an “H” below this “H” is a goal line. When the ball is taken over the goal line and touched down this is known as a try. A try is 5 points.

Jaque Fourie getting the ball over the goal line thus scoring a try [5 points]

When a try is made the team are able to kick for a conversion. If the ball is kicked over the poles it’s 2 points.

When a side is awarded a penalty [for reasons such as a knock on] they are able to kick for goal. If the ball is kicked over in this case it’s 3 points.

Last way in which a team can score points is a drop goal. This is done during open play when a player drops the ball from his hands instead of kicking from the ground. Hence the name “drop goal”. Not too hard to remember.

Morne Steyn kicking for goal

I can hear you thinking now., “But where does the tackling come in? That’s all I see?”. Tackling is the main way of defending in rugby. A player on the team without the ball [the defending team] will throw themselves at the player of the other team that is in possession of the ball. [Yes I have seen shorts come down on more than once occasion]. Tackling a player who does not have the ball is not allowed. Tackling is not as dangerous as it looks. There are strict rules involved. No “high tackles” above the shoulders are allowed, so I promise Dan Carter’s face won’t be damaged. Once a player has been tackled he needs to let go off the ball either by passing it or leaving it on the ground. Failure will result in a penalty for the other team. Tackling still seem a bit vicious to you…think of the ball as a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Thinking about it? Yeah, I’d also tackle.

Yes, this has been known to happen.

There’s a few more aspects of rugby such as the scrum, the offside rule, the lineout, a ruck and a maul, but as girls we forgiving for not knowing these in detail.

So lets get behind our boys, both the team and our supporters, and show them girls can also enjoy rugby. Let’s all unite behind the Springboks.

You don’t have to get this involved but hey no ones stopping you 😉

Come on Bokke. Bring the trophy home! We all behind you.

Kim K’s Wedding Pics


So I’m not too big on celeb gossip but I’m BIG on weddings. Love them! Love anything to do with them. And as much as the Kardashians annoy me theirs no denying they are super stylish, and with Kim K’s style and budget I’ve been secretly excited too see how her wedding turned out. Apparently her cake was 6ft tall. That’s taller than me!  So I’ve been on a hunt for wedding photos. And here is what I found…

I’m not sure about the necklace on her head. Taking the “American Royal Wedding” thing a bit too far with trying to be a Disney Princess?

If I hadn’t know better I’d have said Kourtney was the bride by her outfit. It looks too much like a wedding dress.

Not sure on the bow Mama Kris


Mason pretty much steals the show with his cuteness

Gotta say all in all I’m disappointed, especially for what was dubbed “The American Royal Wedding”

Remember, I also have the right to choose.


I don’t really understand society and people in general sometimes….it’s forever changing it’s views on whats right and wrong.

A few years back promiscuous girls were frowned upon. Now if you conservative you frowned upon. Do you know how many times I’ve been called either boring or a cock tease because I won’t give a guy what he wants. Guys don’t even know what they want anymore. They will go around passing comments and making  jokes how they want to bang this girl and that girl, they get what they want, then all of a sudden they calling the girl a slut or loose. I’m sorry if I choose not to be labeled a slut.

The other day on Twitter I saw an “argument” between a few women. One said she was saving herself for marriage. The snarkiness from the other girls after that was so obvious. What is wrong with her wanting to be a virgin on her wedding day? Those women who choose to stand up for women equality, for participating in such events as Slut Walk, I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. Just don’t be hypocritical about it. If I choose to want to be in a relationship where the man wears the proverbial pants and where I choose to remain a virgin, do not judge me on it. I’m not any less of a woman than you are. I’m not trying to take away your feminist rights. I also deserve the right to choose what I do with my body.

I think some people are getting so caught up on this sexual freedom thing that they forgetting the bigger picture. We all have a choice in the way we live our lives. Lets not judge others choices. You don’t know the path a persons life has taken to make them make the choices they have made.