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We write on walls!



When we go to coffee shops, we don’t just drink coffee, we write on there walls with cool magnet things. Was too much fun. By the way if you looking for a place with the yummiest smoothie or ice drinks try Cocoa Wah Wah in Rondebosch. Only R25 for a big one. I recommend the Vanilla Chai.




I’ve finally had enough.


I’m a brick wall when it comes to feelings and stuff. I’m a pro at keeping my guard up, in not falling for guys…ever! I’ve had one serious-ish boyfriend but I was young and naive and when we hurt..a lot. Since then, I’ve been together with a couple of other guys, but I never let it get further.

Except with this one guy. I let me guard down. He seemed different. We were friends first. Maybe that’s why I trusted him. Even the way we met was this cute little story you only see in movies. He was the nice guy, he helped me out through some tough times and we got on so well. There was just chemistry. I, being me, decided not to do anything about my feelings when I realised I had them…for the sake of not ruining our friendship. Plus we were both shy, it’s like neither of us would ever make the first move.

It was a very on and off thing for 3 years. We never got to the flat out admitting we like each other phase. But it was like a game almost. I liked him, got over it, he liked me, got over. it On and on forever. We came so close to admitting it on more than one occasion….Seriously it was like scenes from a movie and trust me after 3 years this starts messing with you.  Now I’m over it. I’ve had enough.

And after all that, we don’t even talk anymore! That’s exactly what I was afraid of..loosing him as a friend if we ever made us official, and it’s gone and happened anyways. Now I’m stuck with the “what if”.

If the guy who was my best friend, and so perfect wasn’t able to love me, is anyone ever going to? I know it sounds stupid but thats how I honestly feel right now…especially cause the one or two guys I’ve kinda sorta liked this year have so not liked me back…maybe I’m just gonna live alone with 23 cats.

Anyways I’m off to pick names for my 23 cats. Have a fab weekend.


Project Healthy Living.


I’ve been using the “I’m a student” excuse not to gym and not eat healthy for too long now. No more. I was looking through pics and I want to go back to being relatively fit and eating healthy. Too keep me motivated I’m writing it all down here.

I always start off with the best intentions, follow through for a couple of days, even weeks then spiral back to my old habits. It just leaves me feeling bad and crappy about myself. Now I’m going to make both workout plans and eating plans and I’m going to stick to them! I’m actually excited.

Going on Monday to go sign up at Virgin Active in Claremont. Been a few times with my bro [snuck in hehe] and it seems pretty cool there. As far as eating, I’m not big on fast food, or junk food so that’s not a problemo. I need to drink more water though! And [you won’t hear this from many people] I need to eat more. I eat like a bird, and apparently that’s not good for you. So I’ll try eat more. I love fruit but not a huge veggie fan. So I’m on a mission to figure out a way to cook vegetables in a way that I’ll eat them. Other thing I need to cut down on is coffee, and well we at beverages, apparently Hunters Dry isn’t that great to drink. Whisky should be my drink of choice [eww!]. I’m sure I can find some sort of compromise. All this I’ve just heard from people, I need to research this more properly anyways.

Low calorie foods is what I need to be focusing on, so basically these foods:

I like most of those, and I guess I can force myself to eat the ones I don’t like, except what the stuff is Cantaloupe and Chicory?!

I also found this cool eating plan on the Shape magazine website that I wanna try. Here

Monday starts my Healthy living pattern. Yes I know I could start tomorrow, but I’m one of those people that need to start new things on a Monday or the 1st of the Month. Don’t know why but hey.

My healthy living see it all flows:

My biggest obstacle is going to be sticking with this. I know I can and I WILL. Positive thoughts. If you see me slacking, remind me ok? Ok!

I’m going to print this picture up and put it by my desk.

So Project Healthy Living commences. If anyone wants to join me on my mission, let me know. We can encourage each other and give each other much needed kicks in the ass. It’s always better when you have someone to motivate you. Will keep you updated.


Top Shop In South Africa!


Yes it’s true! Top Shop is gonna be hitting our sunny shores. I did let out an audible high pitched scream when I first heard. Best. Shop.Ever! It’s opening up in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town in November. [I’m so glad I don’t live in Port Elizabeth anymore]. Which means I have about 3 months to save up before one major shopping spree.

In celebration I’ve been checking out the UK site and came across some seriously cute things. Here’s a bit of an idea:

Seriously too excited. Think I’m going to start counting down the sleeps.

Hope Monday is treating you lovelies well.