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Drama-full Friends

I’m going to use this blog as a bit of a rant outlet right now. If you don’t wanna hear it [well in this case read it] then at the top right hand corner is a little “X”. Use it, don’t use. I won’t be offended. I don’t always dig reading peoples rants either.
Anyways back to the point….I’m so sick and tired of trying to keep everyone happy…and in the end it generally ends up being for nothing.
Sometimes I turn things down coz I know my friends won’t wanna do it, even though I could easily go without them. I keep secrets that could stuff up their relationships. I bite my tongue when they use stuff of mine, not that I really mind actually, but if I want to lend something it’s the end of the world.
I know I should stand up for myself, and I’ve been trying to but I hate the drama that comes with it. I just want everyone to be happy. I tend to be a people pleaser in that way. To the detriment of myself sometimes.
I was so happy a few weeks ago…right now I’m not so sure. That said, I love my friends…drama and all and wouldn’t trade them. I guess I just need to expand more, widen out and they have to let me….
Some of stunning friends..who I do love lots.
P.S I didn’t edit it. My names spelled wrong.

Just Give Me One More Smile

Jenna-Lee Scott

Jen, I miss you so much everyday. Our random comversations. Our many plans. Our days at Injasuthi. Our days at uShaka. But most of all I miss your smile.

You had a smile that could light up any room. You always managed to cheer me up when I was down. You were the definition of lady while still keeping that fun streak. Who can forget hitting on the lifeguards in Durbs, “You look hot, want some?”

The last time I saw you, waking up at 5 am to drop me at the airport. Who knew that goodbye would be the last. If I’ve learnt one thing, its too cherish every moment, every friend, every memory.

You’ve been gone 1 year. I’ve thought of you everyday for 365 days. Still don’t know why you gone, but until we meet again….

Explorations and Party Vibrations.


This last week was pretty cool. Spend Tuesday exploring Cape Town. Added some pics. πŸ™‚

This weekend we hit Fez again. Sheara won a competition compliments of MyCityByNight, Mr. Cape Town and Rikki’s Taxi’s.Was an interesting night to say the least. Can’t say much more than that πŸ˜‰

Other than that not really in the writing mood. Monday blue’s or something. Who knows. Hope everyone had a great weekend. xoxo

"Theres no ways I’m standing in that line"_More weekend adventures

Short skirts. Ice-creams. Boys in Puma shirts. Riot Squad. Newlands Stadium….These words basically sum up this weekend.

Highlight of the weekend….The Fez. First time there. It was pretty rad I won’t lie. Better than I expected. From sweet talking bouncers to let us skip lines to the free tequila shots. It was a good night [not quoting the Black Eyed Peas…eeeuw]

Next time we just need a bigger group of friends and less drama. Though who am I kidding? Theres always drama when we involved.

Not a bad effort from all involved this weekend, cheers to many more πŸ™‚


Winter laziness


So the weekend could be the laziest weekend I’ve ever had.

It was good, but I’ve decided I prefer busier weekends. It was super relaxing though. I guess I’m just too hyper for a full weekend of chilling.

Friday night was a bit of an epic fail.

Well the start of it was quite fun…Sheara and I went to Forries.

Forries is always fun. So we put on our coats as it was freezing and drove down the road for pizza’s and hunter’s. The place was packed per usual for a Friday night. The only table was this massive one right infront of the big screen and right opposite a smaller table full of hot guys. Fail. Two girls at this giant table, we kinda stuck out.

Eventually we see a smaller table looking like they ready to move so we grab it. We ordered our pizza and drinks. They got to us super quick considering how full the place was. And OMG the pizza was amaze!!! We both had the Forries pizza. Was sooo good. *drool*

Awesome service as well! Will defo be going for friday night pizza again.

We were meant to go partying after but because of stuff and things that didn’t happen. The rest of the night consisted of me drinking Brutal fruit, annoying my brother and his friend and watching Gossip Girl.

Next morning (Saturday) slept in. Was so good. Sheara then woke me up by waving McDonalds in my face. I think she forgot my hatred of McDonalds. Plastic grossness. Now if it were KFC, Steers or Nando’s it would have been a different story.

Then after waking up, getting ready etc, we hit Cavendish.

I do not reccommend Cavendish on a Saturday. Ever!

Not only did it take us 30 minutes to find parking, yes a half an hour!, the shops were legit riddled with people. And not just normal people but those slow walking types that you wanna punch in the back of the head. Plus I didn’t even really have money so not quite sure why I was there.

Then went with Sheara to her point shoe fitting. Got so over it so went to smash Kauai in my face instea. Ahhh Kauai smoothies never dissapoint.

Afternoon nap after that.

Too be honest the rest of the weekend isn’t even worth blogging about. It just consisted of episode upon episode of Gossip Girl.

Next weekend I vow there will be a story or two worth telling. Sorry for the bore, just needed to write.

You know you love me
xoxo πŸ˜‰