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Term 2_Done and Dusted*

Wrote my last exam on Friday πŸ™‚

Term 2, Semester 1, First Year is overssss…..yay! Seriously though can you handle it? I’ve been in Cape Town almost 4 months already…insaneness.

When I first moved here I wrote a list of personal goals.

These goals summed up into one word would proberly be….Fearless.

I needed to be Fearless in all I did. Fearless in moving 100s of km’s away from home. Fearless in starting a new college. Fearless in living as an adult away from my parents and most of all Fearles in making new friends.

I’m painfully shy….some of you would never guess, some of you might, but its true. My biggest fear moving to Cape Town was I wouldn’t make any friends and I’d be a lone wolf….instead though I was fearless and I got a wolf pack πŸ˜‰

Yeah I miss my old friends but I love my new friends. Lifes about growing, expanding and this is just the start. So much has happened in 4 months. I can’t wait for the next 4. And the 4 after. And…well you get my drift.

Goodluck with exams to those still writing. The rest who are working, keep warm, its freezing! πŸ™‚


Summer Days Fading [The weekend in pictures]

Friday night I put away the books for a night out with the girls. Haven’t had a girls night out in ages, it was much needed….cocktails, pizza and showing off our moves at Assembly. Perfect Friday night.

Saturday night decided we needed a more chilled night….Pirates of the Caribbean 4 it was. First 3D movie everrrr. It was cool. 3D movies, tad overrated. POTC4 lacked the magic of the other 3 but was still a good movie. Captain Jack Sparrow still gets an “OMG, love him!” from me.

Sunday I “klaped books hard boet”. Inbetween I joined Sheara and Aarin on a walk around Newlands. Freeeeezing! The hot chocolate after made it worth it though. πŸ™‚

Bonus pic: After our tequila shots πŸ˜‰


About 2 weeks ago, Sheara and I decided it’s time to make a bit of a mission back to the Eastern Cape. You know, see how they survivng without us and all. We dragged Taun and his TITSmobile [the nickname we’ve given his bakkie] and off the 3 of us set off on a mini roadtrip.
First stop was Stillbaai with Taun’s family. What a pretty place! [see above pic]. Never been there before but love it. Reminds me of Cape St Francis which is one of my fav places ever! We then stopped over at PE for night. Said a quick hi and bye to my parents and set of for a few days to East London to see Sheara’s family. Night one we headed off to Numbers to see Roger Goode live. It’s not in the top 5 clubs in South Africa for nothing. Even born and breed Cape Tonian, Taun, agred Numbers was quite the legit deal.

Us girls, ready for a night in East London town.

The next day we made a mission to the Agriculture show. Consisited of mainly stalls, walking and freezing cold weather but all in all was a fun day.

After that I climbed on a bus after swearing I’d never again and made the normally short-but hours on a bus- trip back to PE to spend some time with the fam. Got to hang out with my baby sister, who I miss more than anything. If I could take one thing back from PE with me, it would be that crazy child.

Have some awesome, fun, crazy memories from the week away. Some that are just not worth writing here coz nobody would get them. I thought a trip back home might make me more homeshick. It didn’t. Well not for PE itself. I do miss my family a lot, and the comforts of home. Opening the fridge and it’s full of food. All the DSTV channels. PVR. Not having to do dishes. I wouldn’t go home though. I love Cape Town. I love this year so far. I love the friends I’ve made.

All in all it was a succesful little roadtrip home πŸ™‚