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February 14. The day many dread and few look forward too. Everything red, hearts, cupids and roses everywhere. A day focused about love. Sounds nice and dandy enough? So why the V-Day hate? I think it could maybe be summed up in one word….PRESSURE. Pressure on the couples to make sure they keep their other half happy [and chicks lets not deny our standerds, well they are a bit high most of the time] and pressure on the single folk to still keep their self-love up even though we all know it’s shitty to see happy lovey-dovey couples. [Don’t lie to yourself].

Lets not even start on how commercialised Valentines Day is. Stores cash in on anything they can and Valentines Day is like Jackpot time. Type Valentines Day into google and the top search is “Valentines Day specials”. $403 million is spent just on Flowers in USA. Did anyone forget the recession? Starving children? Dying oceans? Presidential birthday parties? Flowers die!!!

Anyways…..If Valentines day truley makes you happy then awesome, to each his own. Happy Monday y’all and have an awesome week…I gotta go finish packing. xoxo


The Nostalgic Rant


Hey! I’ve needed to get some stuff off my chest for awhile. Since no one really reads this blog will let it out here. Have had this feeling all day, like a weight on my shoulders almost. All because I’m missing my “old friends”. I mean we were friends for a long time and were quite close. Anyways I know it’s for the best. People grow up. People move on. It’s just sad. The memories will always remain. Though in a weird way, I wish they didn’t. I wish I didn’t remember how awesome they were and the awesome times we had. Operative words “were” and “had”. It’s hard for me to open up and express what I’m really feeling. I don’t really like too and I don’t know how too. Anyways hoping Cape Town will be a fresh start with awesome NEW friends.



So I’m starting to get restless. It’s killing my soul.
I’m getting bored here and I’ve still got 12 days to go. I’m thinking of starting to pack up my room tomorrow though.
I’ve had nothing to do lately. Except sleep. Surf the net and watch episode after episode of Jersey Shore.
Oh and also to think. Which always means I get these crazy ideas. Like my latest one… I REALLY want a tattoo.
I have a rough idea of what I want already.
The problem is I’m scared of needles. Lank scared of needles!
Plus not sure what the parentals will say. Well actually I know what they’d say…”Over my dead body”.
But I will be living 700km away. 😉 Mmmm it’s something I’m going to have to think about.