Monthly Archives: January 2011

We Speared a Bull


Weekend missions…
Rugby season has started again. Which means Happy Tegan. Bye boring ass cricket [well until the World Cup at least] and welcome back hot, sweaty rugby players.
I kicked off rugby season by going to watch Southern Spears against the Blue Bulls with my Pops.
Cheered for the Southern Kings like a crazy kid. It paid off. We won!
I realised though as much as I bad mouth PE and stuff, I’m really gonna miss it. The vibe at the stadium, PE’s World Cup stadium, was epic!
After party celebrations were also cool. Gonna miss my PE people.
Oh and even though I’m moving to Cape Town you will never see me support the Stormers. Well unless they playing The Blue Bulls πŸ˜‰

First Night out in Cape Town


So Friday night I ventured out on my first night out in Cape Town. Hit Asoku [or something like that] then Assembly. Was lots of fun. Well the part when I was still sober-ish. Note to self: Don’t drink Jagermeister. Well at least not after having shots of Patron and Tequila.
Epic night.
Not so epic hangover the next day.

New Blog for the New Year

Yes I do know we are 26 days into this year, I’ve just been extremely busy. I’ve been checking out my new hometown, Cape Town. Wow!! LOVE IT! This year I’m taking a huge risk. I know very few people in Cape Town and well basically don’t know the place at all. But I can’t wait! This year I’m going to blog about my adventures as a small town girl in the big city. Should be very interesting πŸ˜› I move officially in about a weeks time. Till then its pack pack pack…and maybe a farewell party or two. Can’t wait to start blogging about everything. πŸ™‚